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  • Kingpinless
  • Blue Power Coat
  • Large and heavy loads

RWM is the original creator of the Kingpinless caster, and their 2-95 series caster definitely shows off their quality craftsmanship. Designed for the use of 3″ to 6″ wide wheels, the 2-95 series is perfect for incredibly heavy applications. With a deep blue powder coat, these casters will combat rust that other manufacturers would regularly see over time. Alongside the blue powder coat, the 2-95 offers twice the capacity load while offering minimalized overall height, better load distribution, floor protection, and mobility than a single wheel caster. The wheel differential action results in less friction between wheels and the floor resulting in less effort for the caster to swivel.

Forged Steel Wheels are manufactured by hot forging from medium carbon steel providing maximum strength and durability. They are virtually indestructible within their capacity range. These forged steel wheels should not be confused with ductile iron or heavy-duty cast iron wheels offering both lower cost and reduced capacities.


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Laguna Blue Powder Coat

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6" x 7"

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