HEAVY-DUTY FULL PNEUMATIC and solid pneumatic casters are high performers that are often used on ground support equipment to provide a cushioned ride at speed for expensive parts. Medium-duty pneumatic casters are best used where shock abatement or a larger wheel footprint is necessary. Pneumatic casters perform well in outdoor environments or on uneven rolling surfaces. For the past 80 years, Northwest Caster has specialized in serving aerospace and other heavy industries by specifying custom casters to meet specific engineering needs. We stock standard pneumatic casters in 6″- through 10″-wheel diameters, in both single and dual wheel configurations. Order online for standard options. Or contact our experienced sales team for custom orders, designed to meet your specific engineering requirements. We provide 24-hour turnaround time on specification and pricing, and technical drawings within 72-hours.

For help specifying casters for your unique application, contact us.

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Swivel caster, dual 25" foam-filled pneumatics, 10,000 lbs