DUAL WHEEL CASTERS are often required for high-load, low-height applications, particularly in the aerospace industry. These casters swivel more easily and can support higher loads due to increased capacity of the dual wheels. The result is reduced pressure on flooring and lower risk of damage. Northwest Caster provides dual wheel casters by special order. We offer fast, accurate delivery on a full range of the highest-quality standard and custom dual wheel caster options, ranging from 200 to 35,000 lbs. capacity. Expect 24-hour turnaround times on specification and pricing and technical drawings within 72-hours.

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Caster Type
Bearing Type
Wheel Brake
Mounting Height
Plate Size
Swivel Radius
Tread Width
Wheel Diameter
Wheel Material
Swivel, Kingpinless, Blue Powder Coat, 6" Forged Steel, 14300 lbs
Swivel, Kingpinless, Blue Powder Coat, 8" Forged Steel, 11000 lbs
Swivel, Kingpinless, Blue Powder Coat, 8" Urethane on Iron, 3000 lbs
Swivel, Kingpinless, Blue Powder Coat, 6" Urethane on Iron, 2460 lbs