U-BOAT CARTS ARE PERFECT for stocking grocery store shelves as well as transporting goods between your truck and delivery location. Equipped with long, narrow decks and tall handles at the front and back, U-boats work well for moving tall stacks of packaged goods and other boxed items. They feature two larger-sized fixed wheels in the middle of the platform, plus swivel casters on either end. This configuration offers superior maneuverability, which allows you to navigate tight spaces, like narrow grocery aisles, retail stores, and stockrooms, with ease. Choose from various platform sizes and wheel materials to create the optimal U-boat for your environment. All our models are approved for up at 2,000 lb. loads. Order online for standard options. We also offer additional sizes, weight capacities, and colors by special order. We’ve cultivated exceptional relationships with our top suppliers to offer fast, cost-efficient delivery on all standard and custom orders.  

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