PLATFORM TRUCKS FEATURE a wide, flat deck and a removable push handle, which allow you to move large or heavy material across work sites and efficiently load and unload trucks. Northwest Caster & Equipment stocks multiple platform truck options to meet the specific needs of your job. Choose from wood, steel, or aluminum decks to handle loads up to 2,000 lbs. Aluminum and steel offer corrosion-resistant surfaces that prevent rusting when exposed to moisture. Wooden-deck platforms are quieter and less likely to damage delicate finishes and materials. We also stock folding platform trucks in smaller sizes for light-duty or commercial applications. Order online for standard options. Or contact us to place a custom order for special sizes, weight capacities, or colors. We’ve cultivated exceptional relationships with our top suppliers to offer fast, cost-efficient delivery on all our products.

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6x2" Wheels, Polyurethane on polypropylene, 1500 lbs
6x2" Wheels, Polyurethane on polypropylene, 1500 lbs