CONVERTIBLE HAND TRUCKS are a popular choice in route delivery and warehouse uses, because they easily convert from an upright two-wheel hand truck to a horizontal, four-wheel cart. This offers versatility and flexibility, whether you need to maneuver in tight spaces or transport more items per trip. Northwest Caster stocks both steel and aluminum convertible hand trucks. Both are durable, affordable options. Steel convertible hand trucks are available in both two-way and three-way convertible models, for uses requiring a 45-degree upright capability. This allows access to hallways and elevators, where traditional models won’t fit. It’s ideal for water bottle delivery or paper shredding companies. Aluminum hand trucks are available in junior and senior sizes. Your choice will depend on size and load considerations. We offer top-quality products at competitive prices. Consult with our experienced team for help selecting the optimal model to meet your needs.

For help specifying hand trucks for your unique application, contact us.

8x2" Wheels, Solid rubber, 800 handtruck, 600 tilt,...