SERVICE CARTS ARE THE GO-TO OPTION in warehouses for stock picking, kitting, and transportation. They are also a top choice for moving products and materials in the hospitality, medical, janitorial, and food-service industries. Northwest Caster & Equipment stocks a wide variety of steel and plastic two-shelf service carts. The open sides allow materials to be loaded and unloaded with ease. Metal carts are more rugged and can support heavier loads compared to plastic carts. Plastic is lighter, resists corrosion or damage, and provides a better non-skid surface. Shop online for standard sizes and materials plus wheel combinations. We also offer custom combinations by special order. Our exceptional relationship with top suppliers means you get fast, cost-efficient delivery on all our product lines.

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18X30 HD
5x2" Wheels, Thermoplastic Rubber, 600 lbs
24X36 HD
24X36 HD
Steel, 1,200 lbs