WHETHER YOU DELIVER APPLIANCES to homeowners or collect vending machines for repair, at Northwest Caster & Equipment, you’ll find a wide array of top-quality sturdy, maneuverable hand trucks that allow you to steer your load with ease — even up and down stairs. As the leading supplier of heavy-duty hand trucks in the Northwest, we stock a wide variety of models, from economical aluminum designs to trucks engineered to transport up to 1800 lb. loads. For the ultimate in security, we carry models with both geared ratchet straps and offset crank handle belting systems. We also offer a variety of wheel choices, ranging from durable and rugged to non-marking vinyl. Shop online for standard orders. Or contact our knowledgeable sales team for help specifying your ideal hand truck. We offer fast turnaround times for standard and custom orders.

For help specifying hand trucks for your unique application, contact us.

5x2" Wheels, Solid rubber, One-piece strap, 700 lbs
8x2" Wheels, Solid rubber, Geared ratchet, 700 lbs
8x2" Wheels, Solid rubber, One-piece strap, 700 lbs
8-1/2" x 2-1/2" Wheels, Solid rubber, 700 lbs