THE DETAILED SPECIFICATION SHEETS below include complete product information to help you select the optimal casters to meet your precise engineering needs. We’ve arranged casters by manufacturer, according to the series name and model number. All sheets can be viewed online or downloaded, for your convenience. Please reach out to our team by chat, email or phone if you need assistance.

Albion Casters

02/14 Series Gate Casters
03 Series Air Cargo / Conveyor
05 Series Stainless
110 Series Kingpinless
120 Series Stainless
141 Series Spring-Loaded
16 Medium-Heavy Duty Series
18 Series Ergonomic Precision
20/21 Series Business Machine/Low Profile
298 Aviation Ground Equipment Series
310 Series Kingpinless
315 Series Kingpinless
330 Series Heavy Duty Stainless
40 Series Spring-Loaded
41 Series Spring-Loaded
410 Series Kingpinless
415/615 Series Dual Wheel
42 Series Spring-Loaded
44 Series Spring-Loaded
600 Series Shockmaster Kingpinless
610 Series Kingpinless Heavy Duty
62 Series Medium-Heavy Duty
63 Series Medium-Heavy Duty
68 Series Ergonomic Precision
700 Series Shockmaster Kingpinless
71 Series Medium-Heavy Duty
72 Series Medium-Heavy Duty
81 Series Heavy Duty
850 Series Shockmaster Dual Wheel
90 Series Heavy Duty
90 Series Heavy Duty
95 Series Heavy Duty
DC Series Institutional
S310 Series Spring-Loaded
S410 Series Spring-Loaded
S610 Series Spring-Loaded
XS Xtra Soft Wheels

Aubin Industries

Swivel-EAZ® Pro Casters

Bassick Casters

00 Series Business Machines
Honcho AS/AR Series Medium Duty

Caster Concepts

112 Series SoS Ergonomic
134 Series SoS Ergonomic
154 Series SoS Ergonomic
37 Series Ergonomic Precision
51 Series Kingpinless
57 Series Ergonomic Precision
60 Series Heavy Duty
61 Series Kingpinless
70 Series Heavy Duty
71 Series Kingpinless
77 Series Heavy Duty Ergonomic
80 Series Heavy Duty
81 Series Kingpinless
87 Series Extra Heavy Duty Ergonomic
90 Series Heavy Duty
91 Series Kingpinless Heavy Duty
95 Series Extra Heavy Duty
99 Series Super Heavy Duty
Drive Caster Series
Flanged Wheel Series
Shock Absorbing Series


AC Series Autoclave
CH Series Chrome Hospital
CN Series NeoTeq Comfort Roll
DN Series NeoTeq Dual Wheel
DW Series Dual Wheel
NG Series Next Generation Nylon
NM Series Nylon Non-Magnetic
NS Series Nylon Plus Stainless
SS Series Stainless
TG Series Twin-Med Grey

Pemco Casters

E-Line Series Medium Duty Economy
Pnuline Series Pneumatic
Shopping Cart Series

RWM Casters

125 Series Heavy Duty Kingpinless
2-125 Series Heavy Duty Dual Wheel
2-65 Series Dual Wheel
2-75 Series Dual Wheel
2-76 Series Dual Wheel
2-85 Series Dual Wheel
2-95 Series Heavy Duty Dual Wheel
45 Series Medium-Heavy Duty Economy
46 Series Medium-Heavy Duty
47 Series Kingpinless
65 Series Kingpinless
75 Series Kingpinless
76 Series Kingpinless
85 Series Kingpinless
95 Series Heavy Duty Kingpinless
CIR Cast Iron Wheels
RIR Rubber on Iron Wheels
SA Series Spring-Loaded
SWB Signature Blue Elastomer Wheels
Torus Ergonomic Wheels
UAR Urethane on Aluminum Wheels
UIR Urethane on Iron Wheels

Shepherd Casters

General Duty Series
Institutional Series
Softech Twin Wheel Series
Source II Twin Wheel Series
Ultima Twin Wheel Series