NORTHWEST CASTER & EQUIPMENT offers the full range of aluminum and steel dock boards, dock plates, and walk ramps in all standard sizes. Dock plates are intended for manual use, bridging the gap between dock and truck, so workers can safely remove cargo via pallet jacks. Dock boards are the optimal choice for heavy-duty applications. Constructed from ½”-thick material, they are designed for forklifts to operate from dock to truck and vice versa. To increase portability, hand slots are standard on dock plates, and beveled edges allow for smooth entry and exits. Dock boards come standard with heavy-duty steel side curbs, to meet OSHA requirements for equipment safety. Both plates and boards are skid resistant and have superior traction, ensuring smooth transitions for valuable goods and equipment. Shop online for standard orders or contact our knowledgeable sales team for help. We offer fast turnaround times and exceptional pricing for both standard and custom orders.

For help specifying equipment for your unique application, contact us.

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