WHEN IT COMES TO MOVING HEAVY FURNITURE, medical equipment, or office equipment in interior spaces, four-wheel dollies are the right tool for the task. Northwest Caster & Equipment stocks a wide array of four-wheel dollies for nearly any material handling task. Wood- and plastic-frame movers’ dollies can handle loads up to 1,000 lbs. Steel-frame piano dollies with different caster/wheel options are also available for loads of up to 1,400 lbs. All dollies come equipped with non-marking casters to protect your flooring no matter where you are. Order online for standard options. We offer additional sizes, weight capacities, and wheel configurations by special order. We’ve cultivated exceptional relationships with our top suppliers to offer fast, cost-efficient delivery for standard and custom orders.

For help specifying equipment for your unique application, contact us.

3" Wheels, Polyolefin, 700 lbs
5x1.25" Wheels, Soft rubber, 1200 lbs.