HAND TRUCKS ARE THE WORKHORSE of any demanding industrial or commercial material handling environment. For over 80 years, Northwest Caster & Equipment has been the leading supplier of hand trucks and other material handling equipment in the Pacific Northwest. Whether you’re looking to optimize for load, maneuverability, or durability, we offer hand trucks that will meet your needs. That includes best-sellers from the top brands — B&P, Dutro, Wesco, and Yeats. Our extensive inventory features a range of products of varying size, material, and construction methods — from light aluminum easy-tilt models to heavy-duty warehouse hands to a wide selection of brake hand trucks. Contact our expert sales team for help specifying the optimal hand truck combination to meet your unique industrial needs. We provide 24-hour turnaround time on specification and pricing, and technical drawings within 72-hours. For standard, off-the-shelf applications, order online.

For help specifying material handling equipment for your unique application, contact us.